#7 Future Thoughts

Future Thoughts is an experimental short film showing a collection of ideas about the near future. Loek Vugs has a great interest for technology, architecture and the future.
For his graduation film he decided to combine all of these interests and show them all together in one short mosaic story.

Wissenschaftlicher Hintergrund

For this film I was looking into a lot of different fields. I researched subjects like infrastructure, mobility, city planning, architecture and agriculture. This gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration for the film.

A lot of ideas in this film are taken from current technologies and then taken a few steps further. For instance with the subject of self driving cars I asked myself in what ways the interior can be redesigned and how that would look like.

Bezug zum Thema

This film is all about futuristic ideas. Some are close to our current world like self driving cars. Others are a little more distant like 3d printing humans.
The main focus of the film is showing multiple concepts in an often lighthearted and playful way. All of this is designed with a minimal aesthetic to show each concept at its core. The visual style is the result of combining hand painted textures with digitally drawn assets. A major theme in this film is the connection between human and technology, therefore the style is also a mix of analog and digital.


Loek Vugs

AKV St Joost, Master of Animation

Animation illustration

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